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Details of the incident

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Who saw the incident?

Has the incident already been reported to the police?

If your incident needs reporting urgently please contact the police on '101' where you can report crimes that have already taken place. If you have already done this, please provide any details of the officer you spoke with or any reference number you may have been provided with.

When did the incident occur?

If possible, please provide the exact date and time of the incident. If you do not know the date of the incident, or if it is ongoing, please provide any details you can e.g. 'during the last month' or 'every weekend'.

Where did the incident occur?

Please describe the exact location using information such as landmarks, road numbers, distances and directions. Imagine someone trying to find the place if they have never been to the area before. Please give the postcode and/or grid reference if you know them.

Description of the incident

Please describe exactly what happened, including as much relevant information as you can. Try to explain just what was seen or heard, rather than guessing what happened.

What species of birds were involved?

Is there any evidence?

Is any physical evidence of the crime available? e.g. dead bird, suspected poison bait, illegal trap etc. Where is this evidence now? Have any photographs of the suspected crime scene been taken?

Who was responsible?

Please give a description and names or addresses if possible.

Please explain why you believe they are responsible - are they a likely suspect or were they actually seen committing the crime?

Was there a vehicle involved?

If so please give as many details as you can (colour, vehicle type, registration, make and model).

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The RSPB treats all reports in the strictest confidence. Your name will not be disclosed without your permission.

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