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14 September 2016The State of Nature 2016
12 May 2016Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels
19 April 2016Wessex stone-curlew project
23 February 2016Inner Forth Landscape Initiative
18 December 2015Kingsbrook: New standards in wildlife-friendly housing
24 November 2015The UK Overseas Territories - The UK's hidden natural treasures
10 September 2015Golden Eagle National Survey 2015
19 November 2014Bringing reedbeds to life
19 November 2014Ascension Island Ocean Sanctuary
12 August 2014Managing willow tit habitat
7 August 2014Diagnosing population declines of Egyptian Vultures
1 August 2014Reducing the impacts of kestrel predation on little terns: Is diversionary feeding effective?
1 August 2014Do agri-environment schemes provide benefits for upland breeding lapwings?
8 July 2014Improving breeding habitats for Ring Ouzels
11 June 2014Demography of the Montserrat oriole
28 May 2014Development and assessment of improved census methods for European Storm-petrels and Manx Shearwaters
23 May 2014How does contact with nature affect our wellbeing?
13 May 2014The UK's Wildlife Overseas: a stocktake of nature in our Overseas Territories
8 May 2014Understanding ecosystem service trade-offs in agriculture
10 March 2014Understanding climate change impacts in terrestrial environments
7 March 2014RESTORE - Restoring mineral sites for biodiversity, people and the economy across north-west Europe
26 February 2014Ecology of European migrant birds in Africa
26 February 2014Environmental determinants of dotterel population change
26 February 2014Developing electronic tags and wildlife tracking technology
25 February 2014Tracking seabirds to inform conservation of the marine environment
25 February 2014Causes of population decline of urban house sparrows
25 February 2014Understanding Hawfinch declines in the UK
25 February 2014Turtle dove solution trialling and Trichomonas PhD
24 February 2014Habitat associations of nightjars breeding on heathland in England
24 February 2014Diagnosing the causes of population decline in the critically endangered St Helena Wirebird
24 February 2014Shale gas fracking project
24 February 2014The ecology of breeding common scoters and potential conservation approaches
19 February 2014Upland bird populations in new native woodland schemes
18 February 2014Prioritising islands for the eradication of invasive vertebrates
18 February 2014Taxonomy of storm petrels in the South Atlantic
18 February 2014Biodiversity Indicators
17 February 2014Agri-environment Monitoring
17 February 2014Lowland peatland conservation and climate change mitigation
14 February 2014Saltmarsh redshank declines and grazing management solutions
14 February 2014Site-based ecosystem service assessments
13 February 2014The importance of protected areas in climate change adaptation
13 February 2014Use of integrated population models for population viability analysis
12 February 2014Designing landscape-scale solutions for climate change adaptation
12 February 2014Monitoring habitat management for twite recovery
12 February 2014The effects of wind farms on upland birds
12 February 2014Edge effects of forestry on Flow Country breeding waders
7 February 2014From conifer plantation to blanket bog: peatland restoration in the Flow Country
7 February 2014Woodland processes and management
7 February 2014Managing field-layer vegetation for black grouse
7 February 2014Monitoring conservation work for the EU LIFE+ Nature Little Tern Recovery Project
7 February 2014Monitoring field layer interventions in native pinewoods
7 February 2014Support for a new UK breeding seabird census
6 February 2014The Repeat Woodland Bird Survey
6 February 2014Multi-Species Surveys
5 February 2014Single Species Surveys
28 January 2014EU LIFE+ Project - Securing the future of the stone-curlew in the UK
24 January 2014Skylark Plots
23 January 2014Impacts of climate and oceanographic change on seabirds
20 January 2014Developing conservation measures for livestock farms
21 October 2013Breeding ecology of yellow wagtails
13 September 2013Ecology of wood warblers
6 September 2013Diagnosing the cause of the decline of the lesser spotted woodpecker
19 August 2013Investigating the causes of UK curlew declines
5 August 2013The Energy Futures project
5 August 2013Assessing the success of habitat compensation/mitigation schemes
1 August 2013Bird sensitivity map to provide locational guidance for onshore wind farms in Scotland
1 August 2013Mapped and written guidance for onshore wind farms and birds in England
31 July 2013Grazing management solutions for saltmarsh breeding redshank
18 July 2013Developing a remote sensing based biodiversity monitoring strategy
9 July 2013Determining the causes of whimbrel declines in Shetland
9 July 2013London House Sparrow Parks Project
9 July 2013Can agri-environment schemes halt and reverse corn bunting declines in eastern Scotland?
9 July 2013Determining the causes of Arctic Skua declines
4 July 2013RSPB Grange (Hope) Farm Monitoring
3 July 2013Starling diet and breeding performance
2 July 2013Conservation of Sao Tome's critical species
28 June 2013Bird use of the establishment-stage Miscanthus biomass crops
27 June 2013The Global Wild Bird Indicator project including developing Common Bird Monitoring schemes in Africa
26 June 2013Measuring lapwing productivity on fallow plots
26 June 2013Causes of decline of ring ouzel populations
26 March 2013Isles of Scilly Seabird Recovery Project
26 February 2013Woodland Biodiversity Project
7 February 2013Meres and Mosses Landscape Partnership
10 September 2012Source to Sea
30 May 2012The Birdfair/RSPB Research Fund for Endangered Birds
26 March 2012Causes of common scoter decline
23 March 2012Corn bunting solution testing
11 November 2011Scientific support to the research and monitoring department of the Gola Forest Programme
16 September 2010Ecology and conservation of the sociable lapwing
5 August 2010Conservation biology of choughs
16 July 2010Establishing bird population monitoring schemes in Africa
9 July 2010Stone curlews and disturbance
8 July 2010Stone curlew conservation management
19 February 2010Impact on global biodiversity of agricultural development