Dr Richard Gregory

Richard Gregory

Head of Species Monitoring and Research

Address: The Lodge, Potton Road, Sandy, Bedfordshire, SG19 2DL

Department: Conservation Science

Themes of work: Agriculture, Climate change, Identifying problems, UK species, Woodland


Research interests of my team are split between monitoring and research-based projects. Our work includes biodiversity monitoring and indicators, climatic change impacts, setting conservation priorities, reporting, autecological studies around uplands, wetlands, woodlands, wet grassland bird species, and ecological processes such as predation and climatic change. 

Results are often synthesised into overview reports, such as the State of Birds and State of Nature reports, red lists and indicators, giving a measure of the wider health of the natural world. Particular interest in turning conservation science into policy actions and biological outcomes, linking science, policy and the management of natural resources. 

Advocate of simple biodiversity measures as a communication tool to promote and enhance nature conservation.

External activities

  • 2013: Member of the Royal Society's UK Biodiversity Science Committee
  • Co-leader of GEO BON's Terrestrial Species Monitoring Group
  • Manager of the Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme
  • Winner of the UniBio Press Award for Ornithological Science 2011
  • Winner of the European Bird Census Council Award 2013

Selected publications

The decline of Afro-Palaearctic migrants and an assessment of potential causes

There is compelling evidence that Afro-Palaearctic (A-P) migrant bird populations have declined in Europe in recent decades, often to a greater degree than resident or short-distance migrants. There a...

Date: 1 January 2014
Authors: Vickery, Juliet A. and colleagues
Published in: Ibis

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Desirable mathematical properties of indicators for biodiversity change

Numerous indicator approaches are found in the scientific literature to describe changes in biodiversity. It is however far from clear which indicators are most appropriate and which are less suitable...

Date: 1 January 2012
Authors: van Strien, A. J. and colleagues
Published in: Ecological Indicators

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Essential Biodiversity Variables

Date: 1 January 2013
Authors: Pereira, H. M. and colleagues
Published in: Science

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Projects currently working on

Last updatedTitleTheme
14 September 2016The State of Nature 2016Identifying problems: International monitoring and indicators
Identifying problems: UK monitoring and indicators
UK species: Causes of decline
18 February 2014Biodiversity IndicatorsIdentifying problems: International monitoring and indicators
Identifying problems: UK monitoring and indicators