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Nightingales at Paxton Pits

Nightingales at Paxton Pits
Nightingale by Kevin Marsh

Friday, 6 May 2011

Paxton Pits never ceases to please. We began our walk and soon heard the liquid tones of the bird we most wanted to find, the nightingale. And then some lucky people actually saw it. Last year there were 26 singing males and the total had not been aggregated for this year when we visited. A little later we heard the cuckoo, for some of us the first time this year. And then as we walked along by the river we saw it clearly as it flew over. The weather was kind to us and over 20 people enjoyed the walk past the hides, along the river and back past the moth-balled gravel workings.
Thanks to Trevor Gunton and the "Paxton Volunteers" for putting on tea and coffee for us to finish a very pleasant evening
Hilary Guy