We want an Act which puts our need for nature at the heart of decision-making, for our own mental and physical health, and the health of our economy.

We all know how much nature matters to us, not just for the moments of wonder with which it enhances our lives, but because it underpins every aspect of our existence – it is our foundation.

But across our society and economy it is still a foundation that is largely invisible and unaccounted-for. We know nature is under great pressure as we take from it to fuel our economy without giving back, and many of the worrying effects were outlined in last year’s State of Nature report produced by 25 conservation organisations. 

Beyond this our health service is in crisis and one in four of us will suffer from a mental health problem at some point in our lives. Nature offers immense benefits to our mental and physical health, and this needs recognition.

In 2011, this Government laid out solutions to these health, economic and environmental issues in their paper 'The Natural Choice: securing the value of nature', but policies alone aren’t able to deliver. Our existing environment laws are strong, and they provide protection for our wildlife, but now we need to go further – we need recovery.

So together with The Wildlife Trusts we’re calling for a Nature and Wellbeing Act in England, to create the right laws now to bring about the recovery of nature for future generations. 

Thank you to everyone who has emailed their MP, calling on them to Act for Nature. More than 9,000 of you have taken action, and together you've reach almost every MP in England, as well as most in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland too.

Our Parliament was officially dissolved on 30 March and the 2015 Election campaign has now launched in earnest. Now that there are no MPs, only parliamentary candidates, we've closed our email action.

We expect each Party's manifesto to be published shortly, and we'll then see what we've achieved so far. We've already heard some encouraging noises on several aspects of our Nature and Wellbeing proposals from various Parties.

How you can help

Our Act for Nature campaign isn't stopping. Your local candidates will be knocking on your door to persuade you to vote for them, and there may be constituency meetings or other events at which you can meet them too. Don't forget to ask them what the'’ll do for nature! We'll continue to do the same.

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The ‘Nature and Wellbeing Act’ Green Paper sets out the evidence which shows just how much people need nature. It details the ambitious package of measures to turn around the decline in our natural environment and contribute to many of our most pressing social and political objectives.

Nature and Wellbeing Act - Summary

Nature and Wellbeing Act - Summary

1.52Mb, PDF

Date: 28 October 2014


Nature and Wellbeing Act - Green paper

Nature and Wellbeing Act - Green paper

3.23Mb, PDF

Date: 28 October 2014



We are working together with the Wildlife Trusts as part of a growing movement to call for a Nature and Wellbeing Act: