Abernethy Forest, in the Scottish Highlands, teems with life and includes the biggest single remnant of Caledonian pinewood left in the UK.

Over a period of 200 years we hope to double the size of the existing forest - reshaping the Scottish landscape forever. In the shorter term, we'll also be researching what happens to the young ospreys after they leave the nest.

You can support our work at Abernethy today with either a one-off donation, or a regular gift. 

As a regular donor, you will become a Friend of Abernethy and you will receive updates on this project, as well as invites to special events at the reserve. These special events allow us to show you first-hand how your support is making a difference to this breathtaking nature reserve. However you decide to support our work at Abernethy you will be helping us deliver vital conservation work.

What we'll be doing

Our goal is to keep Abernethy special for wildlife and people for generations to come.

The surviving forest is ageing and fragmented, struggling to exist. We will be planting trees by the thousand. But that's not all. We also want the trees to grow back under their own terms.

Seedlings can't fight through the thick cover of heather. But by burning or cutting away the heather that stands at the edge of the current tree line, they'll be able to do just that.

It's not just about trees, though. Our reserve is also the focus for vital research and monitoring work, including using satellite-tracking technology to find out what happens to our young ospreys on their first migrations. Being able to track the birds' journeys will add to our knowledge and understanding of the ospreys' lives and can help inform future conservation work.

Abernethy Forest will help us respond to new conservation challenges such as climate change and rapidly declining biodiversity, too.

Let us take you to Abernethy

If you've never been to Abernethy, let us take you there. You're standing by the loch side. Overhead a passing osprey, effortlessly flying by in search of a tasty fish meal. Red squirrels scampering up trees, claws scratching the bark. A curious crested tit peers at you from a nearby branch... More...

Let us take you to Abernethy

Donate now

Donating online is easy and ensures that more of your money is used for conservation.

Donate now

Or you can also donate by:

Telephone: Our Membership Services team can also take donations over the phone. Call 01767 693 680, 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday

Post: We can accept donations by cheque too. Please make cheques payable to The RSPB and send them to: Help us keep Abernethy special, The RSPB, The Lodge, Sandy, Bedfordshire, SG19 2DL

Why we need your help

  1. to help us expand the forest towards the natural treeline – we aim to double its size within 200 years
  2. to ensure that the reserve continues to support endangered species of wildlife such as capercaillie, crested tits and red squirrels
  3. to find out what happens to Loch Garten's ospreys after they leave the nest
  4. to help us inspire and inform visitors to the reserve
£15 will help us establish and restore 32.5 square metres of Caledonian pine forest
£30 will help us establish and restore 65 square metres of Caledonian pine forest
£50 will help us establish and restore 109 square metres of Caledonian pine forest