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Fifteen out of 22 species of albatross are threatened with extinction. The main threat to albatrosses is death at the end of a hook on a fishing long-line.

Working closely with BirdLife International partners in the Southern Ocean, we're working to stop the needless slaughter of these amazing birds and bring them back from the brink of extinction.

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Read the latest from the official Task Force blog, written by our team members on board ships in the southern seas

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A donation from you can help save these birds from extinction

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Help us stamp out albatross deaths by giving us your used postage stamps - we can convert them to cash. In 2014/15 your stamps helped us raise £13,000! Please help us raise even more this year.

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Saving seabirds globally

Seabirds spend much of their lives travelling vast distances across the oceans, crossing many international boundaries. Their protection cannot therefore be tackled effectively by single nations alone - global solutions are needed. More...

Saving seabirds globally

A global partnership

Save the Albatross is a global campaign by BirdLife International