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Black-browed albatross

Black-browed albatross

Image: Grahame Madge

Breeding pairs remaining in the world: 530,000
Where do they breed?: Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Chile with small numbers on sub-Antarctic Islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans
Wingspan: 210-250 cm
Length (beak to tail): 80-96 cm
Average lifespan: Up to 30 years
Diet: It feeds mainly on shrimp, fish and squid, and also on carrion and fishery discards
Scientific name:Thalassarche melanophrys
Threat level: Endangered

Why they need your help

Black-browed albatrosses might be one of the commonest albatross species, but this hasn't stopped them from being one of the most frequently killed species in many longline fisheries.

They tend to forage over continental shelf waters which are unfortunately also the focus of many longline and trawl fisheries.

Colony counts on the Falkland Islands - the species stronghold - and on South Georgia indicate significant declines over recent years, probably due to the death of birds from these fisheries.

How you can help

Albatross Task Force member Barry Watkins on board the Aloe

Support the Albatross Task Force. These dedicated individuals are working with fishermen at sea in rough conditions, as well as onshore, showing them how to prevent albatross deaths.

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How you can help

Help us equip fishermen with specially-designed weights for fishing lines, to prevent albatrosses from being hooked and killed.

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How you can help

Black browed Albatross, Falklands Islands

As a Friend of the Albatross, your regular donation will ensure that we have the funds to continue the vital work of saving these graceful ocean wanderers.

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