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Albatross Task Force

Rodrigo Vega, Albatross Task Force member, with fishermen

Image: Save The Albatross

Fishermen are often unaware of the quick, economical and easy techniques that when used, rapidly reduce albatross deaths on longlines.

However, once they understand what's involved, fishermen are keen to adopt many of the solutions. After all, a bait lost to birds is a lost catch of fish.

But how do you get the message across about these simple solutions when boats are out at sea?

Well, working in the world's bycatch hotspots, where albatrosses are most in danger, the Albatross Task Force is a team of people braving the high seas to spread the word of these simple solutions.

Task Force members individually explain safer fishing methods to fishermen and ship's captains, encouraging them to use these solutions on board their vessels.

The Task Force also work on-shore, running workshops with fishermen and fisheries management bodies, and carry out research to identify solutions that best suit each fishery.

We know that dramatic results can be achieved by people working with fishermen. With your help we can continue to put Albatross Task Force members on boats and save the albatross.

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Help us equip fishermen with specially designed weights on their fishing lines to prevent albatrosses from being hooked and killed.

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