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How you can help

Displaying male capercaillie

Image: Steve McLaren

If you would like to help our work for the capercaillie please make a donation, become a ‘Friend’ or purchase one of our many fundraising products, we are grateful for any help you can give.

Give a gift to capercaillie today

Time is not on the capercaillie's side. Can you help us in our efforts to save this magnificent bird by making a donation today?

Friends of the capercaillie

We have also embarked upon a number of initiatives to ensure that vital capercaillie work continues to be funded. 

Our former Committee for Scotland Chairman, now vice President, The Earl of Lindsay, has led a Friends of Capercaillie programme to raise the profile of the capercaillie and to access new funding for its conservation. 

The group produces an informative newsletter twice a year, organises interested and varied events including talks, wine tastings, art exhibitions, site visits and Lord Lindsay hosts a popular visit to Caperwatch and Abernethy Forest for ‘Friends’ each Spring. 

‘Friends’ donate £250-£500 a year direct to capercaillie conservation, and we always welcome new members – please e-mail for a joining form.


Caperwatch was set up to help combat disturbance to capercaillie.

By inviting birdwatchers to our Loch Garten Osprey Centre and offering them the chance to see a capercaillie lek – one of the most exciting of wildlife spectacles – we could ask them to avoid seeking out other lek sites.

This allows other birds to proceed with their crucial breeding rituals undisturbed, while the Loch Garten birds could be viewed in a controlled way.

During spring, the centre is also open daily to see capercaillie from 5.30 am to 8 am. Visit the Loch Garten events section for details.

Capercaillie cards

We are delighted to offer a range of greeting and Christmas cards inspired by the capercaillie and its home. These quality capercaillie cards can be ordered from RSPB Scotland headquarters. To see current designs and place an order, contact

How you can help

Help save the magnificent capercaillie from extinction in the UK.

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