Help us recover from the worst storm in 60 years.

In December last year the north Norfolk coast was assaulted by a lethal combination of onshore winds, high spring tides and a storm surge caused by a North Sea depression. 

Your support as part of our emergency storm surge appeal has raised a fantastic £123,000 of the £300,000 needed to make urgent repairs to the damaged areas as well as allowing us to make preparations for the coming winter.

Our Titchwell Marsh reserve on the north Norfolk coast was badly affected and had it not been for improvements to our sea defences a few years ago with the Coastal Change project, Titchwell Marsh as we know it would not exist today. 

The iconic beach boardwalk was destroyed and sand dunes reaching 30 feet in height were flattened by the surge. Most concerning, the sea defence walls on the eastern side of the reserve couldn’t hold back the full force of the surge and some sea water seeped through into the valuable habitat. This left the structures damaged and vulnerable to future surges. 

What we'll be doing

We urgently need to repair the damage at Titchwell Marsh before the predicted high tides during this autumn and winter. We will be working with contractors who will use earth moving machinery to reconstruct and strengthen the east bank. The scale of the repairs is such that it should only take a few weeks during autumn 2014 with minimal disruption to both visitors and wildlife.

Climate change is likely to increase the number of surge events like the December storm in the long term, so it is important for us to identify issues with the sea walls to prepare for the future.

Across all of our nature reserves, we are making sure that our plans to manage these special places for wildlife and people include ways of adapting to changes like this.

Why Titchwell is so special

A fantastic mix of habitats makes this reserve important for a wide range of wetland birds and wildlife.

In summer, marsh harriers float over the reeds, where bearded tits nest. On the lagoons are avocets, gulls and terns. In autumn and winter you can see up to 20 species of wading birds and lots of ducks and geese. More...

Male bearded tit feeding on reed head

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Our target

With your help we've raised £123,000 towards our total of £300,000


Why we need your help

The risk of not undertaking the work to repair the east bank at RSPB Titchwell Marsh, would ultimately result in the loss of the important habitats at Titchwell; not only would this have a devastating impact on wildlife but also the 80,000 visitors who come each year to enjoy the landscape and the dynamic wildlife.

After the storm

Once the water subsided, we got an idea of scale and extent of the damage. This allowed us to assess the work and cost of the repairs to protect Titchwell into the future. We've made a good start and your help has set us well on the way to achieving our target of £300,000.