Great news - we've bought the Dell of Killiehuntly. With your help, we seized the opportunity - our first chance in 60 years - to buy this special parcel of land, north of the beautiful River Spey. Now the hard work starts... we need to survey the Dell to find out more about our new acquisition and its precious wetlands.


Imagine vast water meadows and marshes stretching before the magnificent Cairngorms and Monadhliath mountains. Sedges and mosses cover this place in a blanket that turns from vivid, fresh greens in spring, through to warm golds that glow in the autumn sun. All the while, the River Spey meanders through the marshes. It runs deep, veined with dark peat and silvery reflections, like a seam of beautiful, polished marble. 

This is RSPB Insh Marshes. Set within the stunning Cairngorms National Park in the Scottish Highlands, it is one of the best pieces of wetland in the whole of the UK and is home to an amazing array of birds, buzzing insects and fragrant flowers.

But something is missing.

RSPB Insh Marshes is complete along the north side of the River Spey, but south of the river there is a missing piece of the jigsaw. For the first time in 60 years, we have a fantastic opportunity to secure that missing piece – a pocket of land called the Dell of Killiehuntly – and complete the reserve.

In the past, thanks to fantastic supporters like you, we've been able to acquire pieces of land and nurture them into even more glorious places for nature - alive with birds and other wildlife. With your help, we can do it again.

What we'll be doing

Our reserve at Insh Marshes is already a wonderful place for nature. But it could be even better. It has the potential to support even more wildlife, in greater numbers. By donating today, your help will ensure it fulfills that potential.

Parts of the wetland on the Dell are overgrown with scrub and are much drier than they should be. We'll use our expertise in managing wetlands to improve the area for wildlife. Away from the wetland, we'll plant aspen trees that will eventually connect woodland on our current reserve with existing clumps of aspen on the Dell.

But it's not just nature that will benefit. This missing piece offers a fantastic chance for visitors to our reserve to get nearer the wetland, for even better views and closer encounters with the wildlife of this magnificent place.

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Our target

With your help we need to raise £856,000

Why we need your help

With your help we can extend and improve our spectacular reserve for the wonderful wildife that needs it.

A donation from you will help us ensure the Dell of Killiehuntly fulfills its amazing potential for wildlife and people.

£15 buys 32 square metres
£20 buys 42 square metres
£25 buys 53 square metres