Tropical forests are so full of life they practically have a heartbeat. But that pulse gets weaker every time a tree is cut down. Help us keep them alive.

What makes tropical forests so special?

For wildlife

Natural tropical forests are home to at least 70 per cent of the world's land-based plants and animals, sheltering more than 13 million distinct species.

For people

Over one billion people depend on tropical forests, with local communities using them every day for food, water, housing and medicines. Many of the crops and medicines we rely on - including rubber, cocoa and coffee - have ancestors in tropical forests.

For the planet

Tropical forests naturally lock away billions of tonnes of carbon, playing a vital role in the global battle against climate change. Deforestation causes up to 20 per cent of all human emissions of greenhouse gases - more than all of the world's transport.

Rainforest stories


The work here has been important to me. It has given me the chance to earn a living and help conserve the forest for future generations.

Denis Bannah, Gola Forest

Dieter Hoffman

Gibbons are the most amazing alarm clock. They start singing at 5 am in Harapan Rainforest. A family of them live right by the camp. They're a constant reminder of why we are here.

Dieter Hoffmann, RSPB Head of International Country Programmes

Eldad Bakeringere

The money from the passion fruit has changed my life. It’s helped me provide a better life for my family. I can even afford to send my children to school!

Eldad Bakeringere, Uganda

Margaret M. Kisibo

The other villagers can see the benefit of the nursery. We’re given respect by other groups in the village and we’re asked to share our experiences by the local leaders.

Margaret M. Kisibo, Kenya

Together, we can all save a rainforest

The work we do wouldn't be possible without the support of people like you. We urgently need you to step up and help us to protect and restore these amazing places.

A donation from you today will help us protect and restore tropical forests. For example, £10 will buy waterproof gear to keep a forest ranger dry.

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