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Looking after our important wildlife sites

Curlew feeding among coastal rockpools

In recent decades curlews have suffered serious declines in Northern Ireland

Image: Chris Gomersall

The RSPB is asking Government to ensure all our ASSIs are in good condition by 2016. This means that these sites will be managed for the benefit of the important wildlife they support.

Landowners should receive management statements to inform them of the measures they need to take to keep the habitats in good condition. In some instances, landowners can receive financial support to look after their land for wildlife. 

In recent decades, birds like the chough, lapwing and curlew have suffered serious declines in Northern Ireland. If we continue to struggle to protect our most important sites, these and other birds and wildlife will face a very uncertain future. 

Join the RSPB in calling on the Government to honour its commitments.

Act now to protect our most important wildlife areas.