The most wonderful gift you could ever make to protect nature won't cost you a penny in your lifetime. Protect the places you love with a gift in your Will to the RSPB.

What is your favourite place outdoors? A local forest, river or park? Somewhere you go on holiday? Or maybe your own garden?

We all have a place like this, somewhere we feel free, relaxed, ourselves. The problem is that every day, parks, forests and fields are lost. One day, it might be that place you love.

A gift in your Will to the RSPB will help recreate colourful meadows, peaceful woodland and vibrant heathland. 

Thank you!

We're so grateful to the people who have left us a donation in their Will - no matter how large or small their gift. Their generosity will help protect these special places for the future.

Abernethy nature reserve

Image: Andy Hay

Safe forever, thanks to you

This is RSPB Abernethy Forest - just one of over 200 RSPB nature reserves. We work hard to keep it safe for the threatened wildlife that lives there. 

But we don't just save nature on our reserves. 

We work with landowners, businesses, gardeners and farmers to give nature a home all across the UK - from your local area to the rainforests where our summer migrant birds spend winter.

Speak to an adviser

We're always happy to have an informal and confidential chat about the best way your donation can be used to help wildlife and the countryside. David covers Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and northern England. Neil covers southern England.

David Beach

David Beach

Senior Legacy Adviser

Telephone: 01767 693306


Neil Barton

Neil Barton

Senior Legacy Adviser

Telephone: 01767 693276


What to do next

If you've already decided that you'd like to leave a gift to the RSPB in your Will, read our suggested wordings.

If you're interested in leaving a donation in your Will, you can request a copy of our free booklet. It contains everything you need to know about leaving a legacy to the RSPB.

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