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Other people's gifts

Grip Heath, RSPB Arne nature reserve, Dorset

Image: Andy Hay

Donations in Wills have helped our work in many different ways. Here are two examples.

A gift for a precious habitat

Heathland in bloom is a spectacular sight: a sea of purple and yellow. Joan Mary Buttfield wanted to do something for this threatened, wildlife-rich habitat, so decided to leave us a donation in her Will. Around 85% of the UK's heathland has been lost. We work to protect existing heathland and are restoring it to many of our nature reserves across the UK.

These nature reserves are home to some of our rarest and most exciting wildlife, from smooth snakes to Dartford warblers.

That’s why we’re so grateful to people like Joan, who loved heathland and wanted to protect it. We used her gift to extend our nature reserve at Arne, in Dorset. It is now one of the best heathland reserves in the UK. Joan’s gift means we have moved one step closer to restoring our lost heathland.

View of sea cliffs, Ramsey Island RSPB reserve

Image: Ben Hall

A gift for a special place

Mr Boorman spent all his life in the city. During a holiday to west Wales, he fell in love with the landscape and wildlife. He returned regularly to enjoy moments of peace in oak woods, spotting redstarts flitting between the trees. He loved to watch stonechats along coastal paths, and choughs wheeling overhead in acrobatic aerial displays.

Mr Boorman's love of Welsh wildlife encouraged him to donate to our appeal to purchase Ramsey Island. He also decided to leave a gift to wildlife in his Will.

Today, wildlife on Ramsey Island is thriving. Thousands of visitors every year enjoy breathtaking views as they stroll through coastal heathland. And in summer, this is the perfect spot for breeding seabirds.

We are able to teach visitors about endangered seabirds, other marine wildlife and the choughs - all of which are benefiting.

Speak to an adviser

We're always happy to have an informal and confidential chat about the best way your donation can be used to help wildlife and the countryside. David covers Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and northern England. Neil covers southern England.

David Beach

David Beach

Senior Legacy Adviser

Telephone: 01767 693306


Neil Barton

Neil Barton

Senior Legacy Adviser

Telephone: 01767 693276