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Other people's gifts

Heather-covered moorland and pine trees

Image: Andy Hay

Legacies have helped our work in many different ways. Here are a couple of examples:

A gift for a precious habitat

Heathland in bloom is a spectacular sight: a sea of purple and yellow. Joan Mary Buttfield wanted to do something for this threatened, wildlife-rich habitat, so decided to leave us legacy. Around 85% of the UK's heathland has been lost. We work to protect existing heathland and are restoring it to many of our nature reserves across the UK.

These nature reserves are home to some our rarest and most exciting wildlife, from smooth snakes to Dartford warblers.

That’s why we’re so grateful to people like Joan, who loved heathland and wanted to protect it. We used her legacy to extend our nature reserve at Arne, in Dorset. It is now one of the best heathland reserves in the UK. Joan’s legacy means we have moved one step closer to restoring our lost heathland.

A gift for future generations

Several years ago, Pamela Rhodes met some young Ethiopians, through the RSPB, who were studying conservation in the UK. Although enthusiastic to learn, the students had so little money they could not afford to buy the basic textbooks they needed.

Pamela has a lifelong love of birds, and wants to encourage appreciation and understanding of wildlife in the poorer countries of the world. As many birds migrate between the UK and places such as Africa, Pamela feels it is important to share knowledge and resources with countries that share our birds.

That’s why she is leaving us some money in her Will. We work with partners around the world to promote conservation work: educating both adults and children. We teach people about the creatures they see and the important wildlife sites on their doorsteps.

In the UK each year, 50,000 children learn about nature with our field teachers on reserves. By inspiring and educating young people, there is hope for the future of wildlife and the environment.

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How you can help

If you're interested in leaving a legacy to the RSPB, the next step is to request a copy of our free legacy booklet. It contains everything you need to know about leaving a legacy to the RSPB.

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