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Starling roost at dusk

Image: Graham Catley

It could be the appearance of a tiny bird on your washing line, a beautiful rainbow or sunlight filtering through golden leaves. You connect with nature and understand just how beautiful, fragile and important it is. 

It’s hard to imagine a world without these moments with nature. That’s why we’re working everyday to make sure they keep happening. How? By protecting wild places, birds, plants – every part of nature that makes these moments possible. But to do this, we need your help.

Every year we give thousands of school children their first encounter with nature, getting them out of the classroom and into the wild.

We’re helping communities in places as far-flung as Sierra Leone and Sumatra create a sustainable future for their natural heritage.

We speak up for wildlife and the environment near you, commenting on hundreds of planning applications each year.

Laws protect the UK’s seabirds while they’re at their breeding colonies on land, but once they’re at sea they are vulnerable. We’re working to change that.

We worked successfully with our partners to bring back the red kite; now we’re giving cranes a helping hand to recolonise the UK’s wetlands.

From the Shetland Isles down to the far south-west of England, our nature reserves are special places for wildlife and people – now and in the future.

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David Beach

David Beach

Senior Legacy Adviser

Telephone: 01767 693306


Neil Barton

Neil Barton

Senior Legacy Adviser

Telephone: 01767 693276


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