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Payroll Giving

Hedgehog foraging in leaves

The money you earn in just a few minutes at work can really help our conservation efforts

Image: Ben Hall

The RSPB fights for threatened wildlife wherever it lives. Our successes are achieved thanks to the support of our one million members. If you are already a member, Payroll Giving is an ideal way to give even more support to our vital work.

By giving to the RSPB through your payroll, the money you earn in just a few minutes every day can reap huge rewards for birds, wildlife, and for people. The money you earn in your lunchbreak can help fund the RSPB's conservation work.

What is Payroll Giving?

Payroll Giving is an easy way to support the RSPB's vital work. When you are paid, your payroll department deducts your donation. You decide how much you want to give.

With Payroll Giving, your donation is tax-free. If you pledge £5 a month, you only pay £3.90 – the tax man pays the rest.

How do I sign up?

  • Check that your employer offers Payroll Giving (if not, ask your employer to look at the 'For employers' page)
  • Print off and fill in the form, available to download from this page
  • Relax, and know that while you are at work, your money is working hard too – making possible the huge range of RSPB projects.

Request payroll giving information

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