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Membership to RSPB Wildlife Explorers and Phoenix lets children and teenagers enjoy learning about the natural world

  • Membership packs for under 8s, 8-12 year-olds and teenagers
  • Every child is sent their own magazine, six times a year
  • Children can have fun taking part in our activities and competitions

How much does it cost?

Price includes member's pack, choice of free gift, regular magazines and entry to over 100 nature reserves.

One child

£20 per year

Two or more children

£31 per year

Tales from happy explorers

Lola, aged 8, of London

I like it when the magazine's got games at the back. I really like the stories. And the quiz; you have to answer questions about the story. I feel happy that it comes through the post because I don't get much post.

Karla, aged 10, of St Helens

Thank you for sending me my membership card, I like it a lot. I am very glad that I am helping wildlife. I love doing the competitions.

Huriyyah, Birmingham

I am really enjoying the magazines you sent me. I especially like the one which had two hares in the snow.

Sophie, aged 9, of Manchester

Thank you very much for sending me and my family a membership card. I love to go birdwatching and when I'm older I want to be a nature photographer. The calendar book is brilliant and I am curiously excited about the magazine I shall receive next month!

Nick, Malvern

My daughter Katie is a member of RSPB and loves watching birds in our garden. She recently recognised a robin from its song alone whilst we were out walking the dog and was so excited she wanted you to know.