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Avalon Marshes Information Assistant

Peat Moors Centre

Why we want you

RSPB are looking for an enthusiastic band of volunteers to play an exciting part in the rejuvenation of the Peat Moors Centre on the Somerset Levels. We are looking to staff an information point, providing visitors with updates on the present location of Somerset's spectacular starling murmuration, as well as sightings of the myriad wildlife. As part of the RSPB's Date With Nature events programme, this role seeks to connect people with nature. It also provides a platform to enthuse and inspire the public about RSPB's international conservation work, such as our work in Sumatra where we manage rainforest the size of Singapore.
We aim to inspire visitors and invite them to support us, whilst enhancing their experience of the Avalon Marshes and, connecting them with an incredible wildlife spectacle.
In the Avalon Marshes you'll need to be able to share your enthusiasm for one of the south west's great wetlands. We have a huge starling roost, bitterns, otters and a host of other wildlife.

What’s in it for you?

This is a chance to share your passion and enthusiasm for nature, translating this into tangible benefits for worldwide wildlife conservation. This is a fabulous opportunity for anyone considering a career in conservation and an excellent chance to gain insight into the RSPB's conservation projects and campaigns.

The skills you need

You need not be a wildlife expert! Enthusiastic and friendliness are the qualities we are looking for. Working on your feet whilst chatting to people all day means you will need a good level of fitness and a certain amount of stamina. We are looking for people who feel comfortable initiating inspirational conversations about the RSPB's work, and inviting strangers to support us through membership. This is the main income generator for the RSPB and funds a range of projects - everything from UK red kite and white tailed eagle reintroduction to stopping albatross extinctions in the Southern ocean.

Your time

Minimum commitment: A commitment of a four hour shift on a regular basis (ideally 11am-3pm). Weekend help would be especially appreciated.
Duration: November to February.
Period: November to February.

Who to contact

Matthew Brierley
Tel: 07971600424


We reimburse travel expenses within a 25 mile radius. We will provide necessary training, a forum for discussion through volunteer appraisals, a name badge and branded clothing.

The RSPB speaks out for birds and wildlife, tackling the problems that threaten our environment. We rely upon memberships and donations to fund our work. By volunteering your time and skills, you could make a real difference to the work of the RSPB. Nature is amazing - help us keep it that way.

Reference number: 5233

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