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Image: Andy Hay

During an internship with us, you can volunteer on a project or specialist piece of work. Our placements last for three, six, nine or 12 months.

You'll need to commit to volunteering for three to five days a week, 7.5 to eight hours a day, depending on which project you choose.

As an intern you will receive:

  • travel expenses to and from your placement, or accommodation will be provided if you do residential volunteering 
  • supervision, coaching and support throughout the internship
  • any appropriate training required
  • advice and support on writing your CV and application forms, as well as interview skills
  • access to our internal vacancy list
  • a reference on satisfactory completion of the volunteer internship.

Search for an internship to suit you below.

Emily Clark, community fundraising volunteer intern

I have learned so much in a short period of time, from simply getting used to working in an office, organising collections, taking part in collections myself and managing other volunteers. I now have a clearer understanding of community fundraising and what it actually involves. As an intern I have been given help with career skills including CV training and career coaching.

Emily Clark, community fundraising volunteer intern

Looking for something else?

If you can't find a role that suits you, please contact us.