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Bat box


These nocturnal mammals need safe places to roost in during the day. Bats are becoming increasingly rare. One reason for this is a loss of roost sites as old trees are cut down, mine shafts filled in and caves and tunnels disturbed. 

Hanging a bat box in a suitable position can help local populations. Similar to a bird nestbox, but with a slit at the bottom rather than an entrance hole, bat boxes are easy to make and widely available to buy. 

Tiny pipistrelles are most likely to use a bat box. Watch them leaving the box at dusk or look for other evidence of their presence, such as small, dry, crumbly droppings below it. 

RSPB bat boxes are available from our mail order catalogue and RSPB shops. Or, why not make one yourself? All our wooden bat boxes are made from wood from sustainable sources or carry the FSC logo, ie are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

All bats are protected and should never be disturbed. If you find bats roosting in your loft, contact the Bat Conservation Trust