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There are many different kinds, and many are semi-evergreen through winter. Check the label carefully to find out the eventual size.

Cotoneaster Cornubia grows quickly and can reach 6 m tall and wide, while C. horizontalis grows less than half a metre in height but spreads across the ground.

A good medium sized one is C. franchetii, which can be trained to grow over low walls. C.frigida, as with most cotoneasters, produces lots of berries in autumn, whilst C. horizontalis attracts bees to its flowers in early spring.

When will I see it?

Flowers in early spring, berries in autumn

Animals that benefit

  • Bees are attracted to the flowers in spring
  • The berries produced in autumn will feed several species of berry-eating birds

Vital statistics

Native: No
Flowers: Various
Fruits: Many berries in autumn, which are various shades of red


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