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Log pile


Plenty of wildlife makes its home in dead wood, and other animals use it as a source of food. In woodlands, fallen wood occurs naturally and many species have adapted to use this habitat. But in our increasingly tidy countryside, fallen and dead wood is not so common. 

A pile of logs simulates fallen trees and is considered essential in a wildlife garden. You can usually find somewhere to put a pile of logs, even in the smallest backyard. It is best placed in a shady spot, so that it remains cool and damp.

Make the most of your garden

  • Use a mixture of wood and different sized logs with the bark on, such as beech, oak, ash and elm.
  • Adding a pile of leaf litter can attract even more creatures, such hibernating toads or hedgehogs.
  • You will need to add new logs as the old ones decay over the years.   

Decaying wood also supports a range of fungi, including orange spot and the oddly-named candle snuff.