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Welcome to the RSPB's Media Centre, we are here to help you produce great stories.

Providing you with topical news, features and comment is just the start. You can also find the contact details of our national and regional media officers across the UK, our press release archive and details of the resources we can provide to help you. We place a very high value on quality media coverage and we look forward to working with you to achieve this.

The stories we tell reflect the RSPB's leading role as a campaigning charity working to save threatened birds and wildlife, the special places they depend on and the environment that supports them.

Our unique combination of practical land management and cutting edge policy work is supported by sound science and more than a million members, including the world's largest wildlife club for young people.

Latest press releases

RSPB Scotland welcomes approval for two new wind projects

23 July 2014

Careful management of wildlife habitats is key

Wind farm

Kent’s famous short-haired bumblebees show signs of breeding success

22 July 2014

Two worker bees found at RSPB Dungeness last week are evidence that the queen bees introduced from Sweden this spring have nested.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Helping people discover the wonder of sea eagles

22 July 2014

A programme of activities to encourage more people to come and watch magnificent white-tailed eagles in Fife was launched yesterday.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Lucky black-winged stilt chicks who hatched on Friday 13th fledge at Medmerry

21 July 2014

Friday the 13th is supposed to be unlucky – but not for the three rare black-winged stilt chicks which hatched on that day in June at RSPB Medmerry. They have beaten the odds and fledged successfully.

Black-winged stilt stretching

MSP champions fat bird of the barley

17 July 2014

An MSP who will champion one of Scotland’s fastest declining species visited a farm that is helping to save it

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Disaster for Gwent Levels

17 July 2014

RSPB Cymru expressed outrage with the Welsh Government’s decision announced yesterday (Wednesday 16 July) to plough ahead with plans to build a M4 Relief road to the South of Newport (Black Route), which would cut right through the heart of the Gwent Levels.

RSPB Scotland welcomes report exposing absence of golden eagles in southern Scotland

16 July 2014

RSPB Scotland has welcomed the publication of a report by Scottish Natural Heritage exposing the absence of protected golden eagles from large tracts of suitable habitat in southern Scotland.

Golden eagle

New film reveals important role of Welsh peat bogs in fighting climate change.

15 July 2014

A new film about a peatland restoration project in north Wales has shown that restoring Wales’ extensive peat bogs may reduce flooding, help give more wildlife a home, and may even be the key to reducing Wales’ carbon emissions and combating climate change.

Golden plover in summer plumage

Milestone for osprey conservation as 100th chick takes to the air at RSPB Loch Garten

14 July 2014

The 100th osprey to fledge from a famous nest in the Highlands took to the air for the first time over the weekend.

Osprey female on eyrie in morning light

New report: why we need a new recipe for farming, wildlife, food and public health

14 July 2014

Ten organisations come together for the first time to challenge future governments to fix our broken food system

Skylark, North Uist


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