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Wild poetry winner in Kent

24 January 2012

Samantha Stokes
Media Officer

A youngster from Kent has received the runner’s up prize in the RSPB’s Wildlife Explorers’ Wildverse poetry competition.

Lizzie Mackevicius, 6, from Tonbridge, entered the wildlife charity’s poetry competition with her poem ‘Barden Lake’ in the under-8s category.

A keen member of the RSPB’s Wildlife Explorers, the charity’s junior membership, Lizzie was inspired to write her poem about the lake she visits with her family.

She said, “I got the idea because the birds seemed unusual and I like the sights and sounds at Barden Lake. I share my bread with the birds and we talk to each other.

“We go there often, and sometimes ride our bikes there. I like nature because things come in all different colours and make different sounds.”

Lizzie’s brother Tommy, 7, is also enthusiastic about nature and contributed the line ‘Seagulls snatching bread from the air’ to the poem.

The RSPB’s Wildlife Explorers youth group ran a competition for its members to write a wild poem about the nature they find around them through its magazine Bird Life. The competition winners received a Pure digital radio as well as getting their poems printed in Bird Life and read out on the Pure One radio station.

 “When I heard that I was a runner-up in the competition I was really excited.  I love being a wildlife explorer, it's excellent. I love Bird Life magazine and get really excited when it comes through the letterbox,” Lizzie said. 

Lauren St John, patron of the Born Free Foundation and author of Dead Man’s Cove, which was Blue Peter’s Book of the Year 2011, selected the winning poems from over 1800 entries.

“The standard is quite astonishingly high, especially in the under eights category,” she said.

“How hearting that children of that age are producing such inspired, moving and literate work. Amazing.”


Barden Lake

Moorhens Egyptian dancing,

Coots with green legs hiding, prancing

Canada Geese with pitch-black legs,

Snow-white swans with snow-white eggs

Seagulls snatching bread from the air

Soft breeze in my hair...

Pike lurking in the lake!


For more information about the Wildlife Explorers, the RSPB’s youth membership, please visit: