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Leading the way in Weston-super-Mare

Last modified: 27 July 2011

Birdwatching at an Aren't Birds Brilliant! event

Image: Andy Hay

A retiring RSPB local group leader is calling on Weston residents to help him find a replacement.

Don Hurrell has led the group for the last 12 years, but is stepping down because he feels that it is time to have someone with a fresh approach to take the Group forward.

The Weston-super- Mare local RSPB group not only runs events and holds indoor meetings, but also raises some £5,000 for the conservation charity each year.

Don said: “I’ve enjoyed being group leader immensely and I’m very proud to have helped the group to spread the RSPB message, a cause I believe in very much.

“Being a part of the local group is a great way to become involved with conservation work, both directly and through telling others about it, and I would recommend the role to anyone who cares about wildlife and the environment.”

The RSPB Weston local group was formed in 1976 and offers local people the chance to find out about birds and other wildlife in the company of like-minded people. It is part of a network of over 160 RSPB local groups across the UK.  These provide an important local connection to the RSPB, giving members and non-members the chance to support the charity and get involved in its work.

The group meets at St. Paul’s Church Hall, Walliscote Road, Weston-super-Mare on the first Thursday in the month from September to April when there is normally a guest speaker, and they also run field trips twice a month between September and June. 

The main qualities a new group leader needs to have are enthusiasm and good communication skills. They don’t need to be a bird ‘expert’ but must be interested in wildlife and share the RSPB’s vision of protecting and saving birds, and other wildlife, and the environment they depend on.

The RSPB’s regional volunteering development co-ordinator, Kate Hall, said: “Although the role requires dedication and the commitment of time, anyone considering it needs to know that they wouldn’t be alone!

“They’d be joining a team of dedicated volunteer committee members, who have years of experience in running the group, and help, support and training are also available via myself and from our national HQ.”

Don added: “I really hope someone will volunteer to take on this role, as the group may have to close if a new leader can’t be found.”

For an informal chat about the local group leader role contact Don Hurrell 01934 842717. Alternatively contact Kate Hall on 01392 453776.

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