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Shout it from the treetops

Last modified: 23 February 2012

Ed Stafford

Image: Adrian Brooks

A combination of Tarzan, Lois Lane and David Attenborough might just be the perfect mix for those taking part in an exciting new competition.

‘Together For Trees’, the new environmental partnership between Tesco and the RSPB, has joined forces with Amazon conquering explorer Ed Stafford to launch a search for the first ever ‘Rainforest Reporter.’ One lucky winner will have the chance to travel to one of the rainforest projects set to benefit from the Together For Trees partnership and experience first-hand, the pioneering conservation work being done to protect these important places.

Ed Stafford, the European Adventurer of the Year, will lead the search to find the Together For Trees ‘Rainforest Reporter’, offering his insight into coping with harsh and unforgiving rainforest environments and mentoring the winning candidate before their trip. Ed Stafford says: “After having spent two years in the Amazon, saving the world’s rainforests is an issue very close to my heart. I’ve witnessed first-hand the destruction of these beautiful areas, so was really delighted to be asked to be involved in Together For Trees. For me, it is important that people, for generations to come, get to experience the wonder, beauty and benefits that only rainforests can provide.”

Despite being home to more than two thirds of the planet’s land-based creatures, three quarters of all endangered bird species and with more than one billion of the world’s poorest people depending on them to survive, an area the size of a football pitch disappears every four seconds in the rainforest. The winner will not only  receive an amazing trip to see an endangered rainforest, but will also be given a thorough insight into the conservation projects in place, getting hands-on with the activities, allowing them to report back on the work being done via a series of blogs and videos which will be available at

The Together For Trees expedition is an exciting opportunity for somebody fit, interested in conservation and a great communicator to report on their experience and highlight the issues facing the world’s rainforests. It’s not for the faint hearted; there are no luxury hotels or restaurants in the rainforest. The winner will experience the reality of staying in the heart of the rainforest and meet some of the locals – human and animal. Tesco and RSPB today announced their brand new ‘Together For Trees’ partnership to help protect rainforests around the world. The UK’s biggest retailer and Europe’s largest wildlife conservation charity have teamed up to increase awareness of the growing deforestation crisis and raise essential funds to support on-the-ground conservation work to tackle the problem.

To enter applicants must visit and fill out the step by step entry form. Successful entrants from stage one will be invited back to a selection day at an RSPB nature reserve where they will be put through their paces in a series of small challenges. Five lucky applicants will then be chosen to progress to the final stage where they will meet a panel of rainforest experts in London with the final winner being chosen from this group. Full terms and condition are available on the website. 

How you can help

We've come together with Tesco to help save rainforests all over the world. But we need your help. You can donate quickly and easily online, and you can donate green Tesco Clubcard points and Tesco Clubcard vouchers to the campaign too.

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