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Stepping Up for Nature awards in eastern England

Last modified: 30 March 2012

Mother and child reading at the Lodge nature reserve

The RSPB is launching the Stepping Up for Nature awards to celebrate local communities and individuals in the eastern counties who have done something amazing for wildlife.

Aggie Rothon, awards manager said, ‘we know that there are people out there working hard for nature, be it in their own back garden, their local green space or at work. We think it’s time that these heroes for nature got noticed and were thanked for all their efforts.’

With a judging panel including the naturalist and television presenter Mike Dilger, Richard Powell regional director of the National Trust and Matt Shardlow, Director of Buglife, the awards have six categories that you can enter yourself or nominate someone for.

Mike Dilger said, ‘the eastern counties are home to some incredible wildlife and it’s time that the people who give nature a helping hand got noticed. It’s easy to enter and winners will be offered expert advice on how to keep stepping up for nature in the future.’

Aggie continued, ‘government have committed to halting the loss of biodiversity by 2020 and we want to make sure that they fulfil this aim. But we all have a role to play in saving nature. There are people out there already taking steps to do this. Let’s hope that by celebrating our nature’s heroes in the Stepping Up for Nature awards, more and more people will start helping to save our wildlife.’

How you can help

Nature is in trouble – so millions of people are stepping up to help. Our wildlife has been disappearing at an alarming rate. But small steps make a big difference. If we all act together and get stuck in, we can save our wildlife.


Stepping Up for Nature awards application form (707Kb)
Fill in the form and tell us who you think should win our Stepping Up for Nature awards.

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