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Climate change affecting marine food chain

Last modified: 08 May 2012

Razorbill pair displaying, Isle of May

Image: Andy Hay

Commenting on the launch of the latest Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership report card at the World Fisheries Congress, RSPB Scotland Seabird Policy Officer Rory Crawford said: “The report card contains a timely reminder, as the seabird breeding season gets in to full swing, of the impacts of climate change on the marine food chain. For several years now we have seen worrying declines of sensitive species like kittiwakes, and many once-massive colonies in the Northern Isles have dwindled. We need to build resilience into our seabird populations in the face of these changes, and Marine Protected Areas are one of the essential tools that need to be used to improve the fortunes of this remarkable group of birds.”

How you can help

The seas around the UK's coasts are increasingly overfished, over-trafficked and over-developed, but crucially under-protected. Your support today will help safeguard our sea life.