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RSPB Cymru welcomes a new way of managing our seas in Wales

Last modified: 18 July 2012

Waves, Islay

Image: Niall Benvie

RSPB Cymru today welcomes in principle, the approach recommended in the Welsh Fishermen’s Association Ltd’s (WFA) paper Striking a Balance: Protecting our Seas and Fisherman’s Livelihoods .

The report recognises the need for change in the way Welsh seas are used and managed.

RSPB Cymru is particularly interested in proposals to use a mixture of protected areas (Marine Conservation Zones) and no take zones with other management measures, across a much larger area than is currently under consultation by Welsh Government.

Gareth Cunningham RSPB Cymru Marine Policy Officer said: “We are keen to work with industry and regulators to develop new management measures that deliver better protection and sustainable practices across Welsh waters that provide a future for both the environment and fishermen.”

He adds: “The proposals provide the opportunity for truly collaborative working and if used correctly, offer the chance for Wales to become world leaders in marine management and protection. We look forward to reading the full report.”

How you can help

Current proposals to create marine protected areas in the waters of each country offer almost no protection for seabirds. With the support of people like you, we can continue to fight for better protection for our seas.

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