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Together For Trees - Every Collector Helps

Last modified: 02 August 2012

Bird volunteers in Brighton

Image: The RSPB

Tesco and the RSPB have joined forces for an exciting new partnership, Together For Trees, to help save tropical rainforests all over the world, from Asia and Africa to the Caribbean.

Through the Together For Trees partnership, the RSPB has been invited to carry out fundraising collections at Tesco stores across East Sussex (excluding Express convenience stores) on the 21 and 22 September.

These collections could generate an incredible income to fund the work that the RSPB has already started, but to achieve this more volunteers are urgently needed. There are over 110 participating stores across the south east and the RSPB are looking for 600 volunteers.

Nic Willett, Senior Community Fundraiser for RSPB South East, said: "This is a very exciting opportunity for the RSPB and a new way for us to raise awareness of the partnership and a significant amount of money to support our rainforest work.

“Our regular supporters have jumped on board to help as they always do. We’re very grateful for the time they give up to collect for the RSPB, but we need more volunteers if we’re to fill every slot that’s been made available to us.

“You don't need any special knowledge to take part in one of our bucket collections – just a winning smile.”

Alice Jefferies, who has volunteered in previous fundraising collections for the RSPB, said: “Registering to get involved was really easy; the RSPB staff made the whole process incredibly simple.

“I was pleased to hear about this partnership with Tesco and am looking forward to collecting again; it is really satisfying to know that you are helping to protect rainforest wildlife.”

Tropical forests are home to at least six million different species, including some of the world's most enigmatic and endangered wildlife. They provide food, water and medicines, and act as carbon stores to help in the fight against climate change.  But these incredible tropical forests are in trouble. Every four seconds an area the size of a football pitch is chopped down for commercial gain.

Funds raised by the partnership will support vital conservation work such as the replanting of native trees in damaged areas that have been illegally logged for commercial interests, and providing important equipment for teams of researchers and conservationists as well as helping local, forest-dependent people to improve their livelihoods in a sustainable way.

Nic Willett added: “We are working to protect and restore rainforests in seven countries across the globe, from Asia and Africa to the Caribbean, to save threatened species such as sun bears, chimpanzees, clouded leopards and rhinoceros hornbills.”

“Our project on the Indonesian island of Sumatra has already achieved a huge amount, but there's so much more we could do with your help.”

For more information on the Together For Trees partnership, please visit if you would like to sign up for a collection at a Tesco store near you, please visit

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