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GOING, GOING, GONE! Last chance to see the Glaslyn Ospreys

Last modified: 10 August 2012

Osprey at Glaslyn

Image: Andy Rouse

The Glaslyn osprey Community Weekend (over the 18 and 19 August) could be your last chance to see the Glaslyn osprey family together - before they head back to their wintering grounds in West Africa.

After returning for another season in March the osprey pair busily prepared their nest for their forthcoming family, this year the pair were again proud parents to three chicks, we believe the chicks are two males and one female.

Last chance

Geraint Williams, Osprey Project Officer said: “This could be visitors’ last chance to see the ospreys, as they will be returning to West Africa towards the end of August where they will over-winter until next March.”

The chicks fledged at the start of July and are thriving and maturing nicely

He adds: “At this time of year you will be able to see the osprey chicks hunting and feeding on the Cob. The chicks fledged at the start of July and are thriving and maturing nicely – building up their strength for their long trip to Africa.”

All three chicks were ringed in June with blue plastic rings with the numbers 80, 0C and 1C, so in two or three years time we hope to see them returning to Wales.

A Glaslyn chick from 2006 has been seen in Scotland for the past four years, and has successfully bred during those years. A female chick from 2009 has been photographed this year around Loch of the Lowes in Scotland; we hope she’ll return there again next year to start her own family.

Learn more

All three of this year’s chicks will stay in Africa for two or three years while they grow and mature into adulthood. When they’re ready to breed at two years old they will then make their way back – hopefully to the UK and to Glaslyn.

The annual and free Community Weekend on 18 and 19 August is a great chance for locals and tourists to get together and learn more about the ospreys. The weekend will be jam packed with things to do for the whole family, from building your own nest box, dissecting owl pellets to treasure hunts and fighting knights. Everyone is welcome from 10am until 5pm.

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