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From Climate Act to Climate Action

Last modified: 18 September 2012

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Image: The RSPB

Please join us for a mass lobby at the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 25 October.

Three years ago we celebrated together when the Scottish Parliament passed the strongest climate legislation in the world. Thousands of you played a massive part by writing to the Scottish Government and lobbying your MSPs to take action to reduce Scotland’s climate emissions. Scotland’s first ever Climate Change Act set targets to reduce emissions by at least 42% by 2020 and 80% by 2050. It set an example to other industrialised nations of how to take responsibility for global warming, helping to protect people and wildlife across the globe from the worst impacts of climate change. You will no doubt share our disappointment at the recent news that the very first emissions reductions target was missed. This is not good enough. Climate change laws must be followed with action, otherwise our ‘world-leading’ example of how to tackle climate change will be undermined. We need you to step-up and let your MSPs know that you care about these issues and you want to Government to act now. This is a vital opportunity to show MSPs that people in Scotland want to see real action on climate change – and we’d love you to be there.

Call on your politicians to ‘Get their Act together’ and ensure action on the Climate Change Act.

The event is being organised by Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, of which RSPB Scotland is a member. You can sign up by following the link below.

Places are limited, so find out more andbook your place TODAY!

How you can help

You can do your bit to help stop climate chaos. Together we can make a difference.

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