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Sew Comfy

Last modified: 16 August 2013

Goldcrest chicks

Image: Janet Taylor

Birds have long been cosying up their nests with all kinds of household goods, from string and foil, to cloths and pet fur.

But a family of goldcrests that tumbled out of their own nest have taken up residence in a unique new crocheted home

The lucky birds were found by Janet Taylor, a professional crochet pattern designer, who was delighted to use her skills for a different kind of customer.

She turned a hat she had been crocheting into a nest and sewed it into the tree the chicks had fallen out of, stuffed it with feathers from the old nest and prayed the parents and chicks would take to their new home.

Mrs Taylor says:” I noticed the birds because when I went to get in my car it was covered in fluff and feathers. I looked around to find out why and saw a tiny goldcrest chick on the ground, being harassed by a wasp.

“I heard more cheeping and found a second and third chick under the car and at the back of the car bonnet. It was obvious the nest had fallen out of the nearby yew tree and it was completely destroyed.

“The birds were so tiny and obviously not ready to leave the nest. I was worried sick that the parents might desert them but the next morning I was delighted to see their parents flying to and from the nest to feed them.

“A few days later I had the pleasure of watching them leave the nest, all three looking healthy and well fed.”

Val Osborne, RSPB Wildlife Adviser, says: “We’re urging everyone to give nature a home but this is certainly going above and beyond! I’ve never heard of a completely crocheted nest before and it’s great that the birds took to their new home.”

“Young birds are often found on the ground and in the majority of cases they can be left alone. They have probably fledged and the parents will be close at hand to care for them.

“However in Mrs Taylor’s case, with the nest completely destroyed and the chicks too young to be out of the nest, they would almost certainly not have survived without some creative intervention.

“Its a lovely ending to this ‘yarn.’”

The RSPB’s new Giving Nature a Home campaign is aimed at inspiring everyone to provide a place for wildlife wherever they live and however big their outside space is.

How you can help

Nature in the UK is in trouble and some of our more familiar garden species are amongst those suffering serious declines. We can all help by giving nature a home where we live.

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