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Giving fungi a home at Coombes Valley

Last modified: 17 September 2013

Fly Agaric Amanita muscaria, fungi growing at The Lodge

Image: Andy Hay

RSPB Coombes Valley nature reserve is inviting visitors to explore the changing seasons on Saturday 28 September, as Autumn reveals the fascinating world of fungi.

The legendary ‘Fungal Punk’ Dave will be guiding a ‘fascinating fungi’ walk through the magical woodland of RSPB Coombes Valley at 10:30am on 28 September to explore the different types of fungi found at the nature reserve. 

Rachel Edwards, spokesperson for the RSPB says: “There is fungi springing up all over the place at the moment, and we are looking forward to Dave coming and shedding light on just what all this weird and wonderful stuff is.

“Woodland Hedgehog, Blushing Fungi, Destroying Angel, Stinkhorns and Deathcaps; these certainly aren’t fairytales, but you’ll have to come and see for yourself!

“This is a great time to visit the reserve. The vibrant greens of summer are changing to the kaleidoscope of colours that is autumn. It’s amazing just what a change the reserve goes through, and this event is a really good way of seeing the place in a new light.

As places are limited, booking for this event is essential.  To reserve a place, telephone: 01538 384017 or email:

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