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RSPB response to Nick Clegg green speech

Last modified: 07 November 2013

The River Lune

Image: Alex Sarney

Today’s green speech from Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg contained welcome commitments on environmental issues – but these must be turned into reality.

That’s the message from RSPB Conservation Director Martin Harper, after the event this morning hosted by the Green Alliance.

Mr Harper said: “It was right that the deputy prime minister put the natural environment back on the political agenda.  It is clear that nature matters to him and his family.  That it is why it is important for Mr Clegg to outline his agenda for protecting and investing in nature. 

“Mr Clegg encouraged the environmental movement to continue ‘holding our feet to the fire’ when it comes to pushing for progressive environmental policies from this administration. However he also sought to defend the lobbying bill which could seriously affect our ability to do just that.

“Government does have a role to play so we welcome his commitment to statutory environmental bodies such as Natural England and Environment Agency – but these are bodies that are facing major cuts and are no longer able to speak truth to power. 

“The current plan for saving nature is inadequate so we need a political arms race for the best answers to these problems.  Mr Clegg must therefore turn intent into action and we look forward to hearing Mr Cameron and Mr Miliband’s response.”

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