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UK'S largest climate change coalition piles pressure on Miliband

Last modified: 22 April 2009

No to dirty coal pledge hand in

Image: Stop Climate Chaos

Representatives of the UK’s largest coalition dedicated to stopping climate change visited the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to demand the UK Government say no to new dirty coal plants and instead deliver renewable energy on a mass scale.

Go green

The Stop Climate Chaos Coalition, of which the RSPB is a member, presented over 85,000 signatures calling on the UK Government to shun fossil fuelled power in favour of green energy.

'Close to 14,000 RSPB members and supporters backed the call to action.'

Close to 14,000 RSPB members and supporters backed the call to action.

Flags from a diverse range of organisations, including the Women’s Institute, Islamic Relief, Oxfam and NUS, were planted outside the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Martin Harper, RSPB’s Head of Sustainable Development said, “Climate change is the greatest threat we face, putting millions of species at risk and jeopardising our own future. This is the UK’s chance to clean up its act. Greening our power – the way the UK heats and lights its businesses and homes – is the single fastest way to tackle climate pollution. The UK Government must stop proposals for dirty coal fired power stations and make environmentally responsible renewable energy the number one choice for keeping the lights on”.

“The UK must lead the way in cutting emissions and building a thriving low carbon economy which is sensitive to the needs of wildlife. That means ditching the dirty coal fired power stations that cannot capture and safely store their carbon emissions, dramatically reducing the energy we use and investing in renewable energy projects that do not cause harm to the natural environment”.

A crucial year

2009 is shaping up as a crucial year for climate change. The hand in takes place in the week that Government is expected to launch a consultation on coal, as well as the Budget, which Gordon Brown has pledged to make environmentally friendly to kick start a low-carbon recovery.

At the end of this year international climate change negotiations in Copenhagen must succeed in a fair deal and concrete action to keep global warming under 2 degrees C.

How you can help

You can do your bit to help stop climate chaos. Together we can make a difference.

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