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Northern Ireland

Kebble reserve, Rathlin Island, sea stacks at western end of island

Image: Andy Hay

We are extremely active in Northern Ireland. Among many other things, we organise talks and walks on reserves and advocate bird-friendly policies at agricultural fairs. We take children on field trips, where they can get closer to nature, and help bring damaged wetlands back to health.

  • RSPB Northern Ireland celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2006.
  • We do everything with a passion, inspired by the knowledge that Northern Ireland is special and its rivers, lakes, bogs, mountains and meadows are unique. We want to protect our wonderful wildlife for future generations to enjoy.
  • Although the issues we deal with are of global significance, we believe that acting locally is the best way to tackle them. We work in partnership with local people all over Northern Ireland, including schoolchildren, farmers, community groups and government officials. We own and manage nature reserves, run educational programmes, carry out scientific research, provide advice to a wide variety of people and organisations, and aim to influence policy and legislation by working with politicians and other decision-makers. 
  • We take every opportunity to highlight the importance of Northern Ireland's natural heritage and actions that must be taken in order to safeguard it for future generations.
  • We have more than 30 staff all over Northern Ireland, working to protect birds, wildlife and their habitats.
  • We also have the strong support of a base of volunteers and have seven Local Groups and two Youth Groups.
  • We have more than 10,000 members in Northern Ireland. These members give us our mandate and support us financially and in many other ways. Without their generosity and commitment, our work would be impossible. 
  • Our volunteers (members and non-members) give vital help - from staffing the West Lighthouse on Rathlin Island to office work.

Contact details

Northern Ireland Headquarters
Belvoir Park Forest
Tel: 028 9049 1547