Marine Innovations

Marine life is suffering under the pressure of increasing human
activities at sea. It needs help.

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Recovering Lost Habitats

We're losing the biodiversity that
makes our world rich. The main
cause? Habitat loss.

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Restoration Rainforest

Rainforests are some of the richest places for wildlife on Earth – but they are being felled without mercy.

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When you're in trouble, who do you turn to?

Most likely, it’s the person in your life who’s most dependable, the one who never lets you down. But what if you’re a Sumatran tiger, and you awake one morning to find your rainforest home being felled and burned around you?

Be at the forefront of nature conservation

Being a pioneer will involve you in the most modern and creative nature conservation in the world. The RSPB has always been a huge innovator, right from our founding members who stopped the barbaric trade in bird plumes. Along with our partners we've acquired the world's first licence to protect an area of rainforest in Sumatra for wildlife such as the tiger, we're helping educate fishermen on simple techniques they can use to reduce seabird deaths, we've helped re-introduce white-tailed eagles to Scotland after they became extinct in the UK.

We're at the top of our game, so when it comes to choosing who best to meet the needs of threatened wildlife in the twenty-first century and you can put your trust in us.

What is a pioneer?

pioneer photos

You're fighting on behalf of jellyfish and basking sharks in a board room in Cornwall. You're transforming the site of an old colliery in the Dee Estuary back into wetland.

You're discovering the secret lives of seabirds to help protect them. You're growing a home for tigers from seedlings. You're felling a million trees in Caithness and Sutherland that are draining the life out of the precious peatlands. Every day, whatever you're doing, you're generating new solutions to nature's greatest threats.