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Due to severe damage caused by the recent tidal surge, Snettisham is only partly opened.

Access is now open around the south and east side of the southern lake to connect with the footpath to Dersingham – the circular route is not possible, and unless walking out by the Dersingham footpath, return has to be made by the same route.

Accessible areas are clearly marked by banners and/or signs. The first hide is open, all other parts of the reserve and hides are dangerous and will remain closed for some time. Disabled access is now restored. Please contact the Snettisham office for full details on 01485 542 689

Top things to do in Spring

  1. On the big spring high tides, see tens of thousands of wading birds using Snettisham as a staging post for their long migration flights to the Arctic
  2. Enjoy early spring flowers and fragrant flowering hawthorn as you walk down the path to the hides
  3. Sit in the hides, watch, listen, enjoy as hundreds of nesting gulls and terns set up nests on the lagoon islands

Top things to do in Summer

  1. On sunny days sit, relax and meditate as you look out onto the vast coastal wilderness that is The Wash - Europe’s most important bird estuary
  2. Along the paths, look for colourful wildflowers such as yellow-horned poppy and viper’s bugloss
  3. See how many different butterflies you can see spot on the walk in from the car park, or watch the antics of gulls and terns feeding their newly-hatched offspring

Top things to do in Autumn

  1. On the biggest high tides each month, witness the world-famous Snettisham spectacular. Many tens of thousands of wading birds take to the air as the incoming tide pushes them off the vast mudflats
  2. Keep your eyes on the skies as the swallows and martins of summer depart southwards and the first thrushes and wildfowl arrive from the north
  3. Enjoy some fantastic autumn sunsets over The Wash by taking an early evening stroll along the beach

Top things to do in Winter

  1. On the biggest high tides of the month, marvel at tens of thousands of knot gathering right in front you at Sanctuary and Roost hides.
  2. Witness the world famous spectacular dawn flights of huge squadrons of pink-footed geese leaving their night time roosts
  3. See how many different species of duck you can spot on the lagoons. You might just see a kingfisher as well!

What's on?

We haven't got any events planned here at the moment. Check out our main events pages to find something up your street (or at least quite near to it).


Map of Snettisham

Map of Snettisham

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Date: 22 March 2011


WildSquare Bingo

WildSquare Bingo

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Date: 21 June 2010


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