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Rivers, lakes and reedbeds

Loch Winnoch RSPB Reserve, Aird Meadow Loch and hides

Image: Andy Hay

Relax at the water's edge and enjoy the dazzling colours of dragonflies and damselflies in summer, or watch out for the electric blue of a kingfisher speeding past. Vast flocks of wildfowl provide evocative sights and sounds at these reserves in autumn and winter.

Visitor tips

These tips will help you to make the most of your visit:

  • Spend some time by sheltered pools and at the water’s edge in late spring and summer to enjoy dragonflies and damselflies
  • Wetland birds are active and visible throughout the day, so an early start is not essential
  • Check for birds around the edges as well as on the open water
  • Still water is the perfect place to stop and spend a few minutes looking below the surface - you could see newts, frogs and amazing pond life such as water scorpions and water boatmen