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Woods and forests

Man walking through deciduous woodland

Image: Niall Benvie

Each season brings a different atmosphere to our woodland reserves. There is always something new to experience, from carpets of wildflowers and birdsong in spring to the peace of winter, broken only by deer crossing a clearing or a party of tits passing through the treetops.

Visitor tips

These tips will help you to make the most of your visit to one of our woodland reserves:

  • Visit early in the day when bird activity is at a peak
  • Use your ears as well as your eyes - listen for bird songs and calls
  • Try to walk softly and make as little noise as possible to increase your chances of getting good views of wildlife
  • Remember to look down as well as up in the treetops - it is easy to walk past wildflowers, insects and fungi
  • Birds are easier to see when there are fewer leaves on the trees