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Many of our migrant birds are in trouble. Some species have declined by a staggering 93 per cent over the last 40 years. We need to find out the reasons and work with partners to help save them.

In the UK, we have already made progress on work for our summer visitors. But 'our' migrant birds are, on average, here for just four months of the year. If we only looked at what is happening to migratory birds in that space of time, if that was the only time we cared about them, we would be missing the bigger picture.

These birds recognise no borders. By protecting birds on migration and by contributing to the vital research of our dedicated conservationists here in the UK and in Africa we can help prevent the loss of our summer migrants.

You can play a part in this story by donating whatever you can afford today to save these birds for future generations.

Chris Packham, naturalist and TV presenter, is behind our campaign to save our migrants. He too is looking forward to seeing and hearing our summer visitors this year:

What we'll be doing

We need to improve our knowledge of the routes taken by our migratory birds once they leave the UK. We can really only do this by tracking birds – the information this gives us is extremely valuable.

We need to work with partners in the rest of Europe and Africa to understand threats our migrants face throughout their lifecycle, and then take actions to save them.

Here's just one example: we're working with BirdLife Cyprus to put a stop to illegal trapping on British military bases on that island, pressuring our Government to take action.

Our work will stretch across continents, and forge new partnerships to tackle these thorny and difficult issues before it's too late. By protecting birds on migration and by contributing to the vital research of our dedicated conservationists here in the UK and in Africa, we can all help prevent the loss of our summer migrants.

Your donation today will help us fund more scientists to find vital information about the birds we all love and allow us to create and protect important breeding habitats. Once we know what they need to survive, we can ensure we protect them.

Tracking turtle doves

Satellite tracking gives us a unique insight into what happens to individual birds, both while they're in the UK and once they migrate overseas.

Satellite tracking

Find out more about why we're using satellite tags to follow turtle doves and what's involved. More...

Satellite tracking

Donate now

Donating online is easy and ensures that more of your money is used for conservation.

Donate once

Donate monthly

Or you can also donate by:

Telephone: Our Membership Services team can also take donations over the phone. Call 01767 693 680, 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday

Post: We can accept donations by cheque too. Please make cheques payable to The RSPB and send them to: Birds Without Borders project, The RSPB, The Lodge, Sandy, Bedfordshire, SG19 2DL

Our target

With your help we've raised £400,000 towards our total of £2,000,000


Why we need your help

We need to raise £2 million. Here are some examples of what a donation from you can help us do:

£10 which could help buy trees to restore lost habitat for migrants in Africa
£15 which could go towards planting a hectare of seed-rich plants in the UK as food for turtle doves
£20 which could go towards buying a geo-locator tag to track where the birds go

In trouble

Just some of the amazing migrants that your money will be helping:

Working in partnership

This project wouldn't be possible without the generous support of:

  • Naturama
  • Nature Mauritanie
  • NCF