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Help us recover from the worst storm in 60 years.

As the full impacts of the storm hit us on Thursday night, it quickly became apparent that this was going to be devastating. Homes, businesses, landmarks and habitats were suddenly going to be hit by a wall of water. It's left a trail of destruction all along our coastline.

What we'll be doing

The most extensive damage was at our Snettisham, Havergate and Dingle nature reserves, but other reserves didn't escape the damage.

At Snettisham, the concrete access track and shingle beach have been completely stripped away. Usually, Snettisham is two gravel pits separated by a causeway footpath. Having been topped up with millions of gallons of seawater it was now one massive lake. We must get rid of the water in readiness for when the breeding birds return.

In the summer, the shingle beach is a profusion of yellows, pinks and blues from shingle plants, but now seaweed is strewn up where shingle once was, and silt mud covers the path. The flowers have been replaced with plastic barrels, bottles and rope. One hide is tottering on the edge of the lake, at 45 degrees; one has been lost altogether.

Away from Snettisham, it's not been possible to land on Havergate Island to assess the level of damage, but there are several holes in the sea walls and the hides appear damaged. At Titchwell Marsh, the seawall held firm, but the boardwalk from the reserve path to the beach is buckled and broken and benches are strewn with debris. The sand dunes have been flattened.

Insurance covers some of the costs of the damaged hides, but not the cost of repairing habitats – currently estimated at £300,000.

After the storm

Some of our nature reserves took a hammering in the December 2013 storm, the biggest to hit England's east coast in 60 years. Find out more about the damage that's been done and the challenges we face to fix it.

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Our target

With your help we've raised £80,000 towards our total of £300,000


Why we need your help

We're setting up an emergency fund that we can use to get our reserves back into shape and repair the damage caused. Please help us rebuild from the worst storm in 60 years. The current estimate of repairing the damaged reserves is £300,000. If we raise in excess of these repair costs, your donation will be used to deliver ongoing and much needed habitat work across these storm-damaged reserves.