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RSPB Fundraising Direct

RSPB Fundraising Direct at Sainsburys in Camberley

Image: The RSPB

RSPB Fundraising Direct (RFD) was set up in 2009 and is the RSPB's own fundraising agency.

It was set up to combine the best of the agency culture together with all the advantages of working directly for the RSPB, Europe's largest conservation organisation and one of the most respected names in the UK.

The RSPB is no stranger to face-to-face activity. Back in Victorian times it was one of the first street campaigning organisations.

More recently, the RSPB has evolved this form of community campaigning into recruiting new members to the charity through face-to-face engagement on RSPB nature reserves, at country fairs, farmers' markets and most recently at private sites like shopping centres and supermarkets. This is where RFD comes in.

RFD has a fantastic Events team which books spots at recruitment venues across the south of England, allowing our face-to-face fundraisers to turn up, inspire the public and raise money for wildlife.

Since 2009 we have grown steadily and this year we will employ over 30 fundraisers across the region. Our Head Office is in Hove, East Sussex, but all of our fundraisers work from home and are managed in three geographical teams by experienced Area Managers. 

Our fundraisers are a passionate, pioneering and professional group. Many have come from other fundraising agencies or sales roles and are attracted by the remuneration and fantastic working culture we offer.  Others are passionate about conservation and have come to us with the drive to become successful fundraisers, raising more money for the vital work the RSPB does.

Whatever path you have taken to get here, it's your future we are interested in.

How you can help

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What it's like

Working for RFD is not like working for any other agency – firstly, you're working directly for the charity, so you know that 100 per cent of the money you raise is going straight to the RSPB. More...

What it's like

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See what it's like to work for RSPB Fundraising Direct. More...

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RSPB Fundraising Direct is a division of RSPB SALES LTD, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) a registered charity: England and Wales no. 207076, Scotland no. SC037654