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What it's like

Flooded corner of field, RSPB Onziebust reserve, Egilsay, Orkney

Your dedication to fundraising will help us continue our work in beautiful places like this

Image: Andy Hay

Working for RFD is not like working for any other agency – firstly, you're working directly for the charity, so you know that 100 per cent of the money you raise is going straight to the RSPB.

You're permanently focusing on just one organisation, so you develop a deeper understanding and connection with the work the RSPB does. You can take real pride every time you see the RSPB in the news or on Springwatch, knowing 'I made that happen'. You'll get the most up-to-date briefings from the press office and the newest fundraising materials from the marketing department.

You'll get a guaranteed salary each week so you can ensure the regular bills are paid, and high-flyers can expect market-leading commission every month. You'll also be paid for all of your training and reimbursed for your travel from door-to-door.

You'll be working in a friendly, fair and honest environment, where your manager does everything they can to help you succeed and do well, because the more success you have the more success the charity will have. In return we're looking for the highest standards of professionalism, fundraising skills and member retention.

If this sounds like you, please read on

After your interview and successful appointment you'll begin a week's induction training, two days of which will be residential (at the RSPB's head office or near one of our family-friendly nature reserves). You'll learn about the RSPB's work, see it first-hand, and get to know your manager and a few of your new colleagues a bit better as well.

From then on you'll receive as much ongoing support as you need from our full-time training officer, experienced mentors, encouraging team leaders and, of course, daily contact with your Area Manager.

Our dedicated Events team will provide the places for you to work; all our fundraising takes place on private sites like superstores, shopping centres, music festivals, shows country fairs…essentially anywhere we can get you talking to people. We will kit you out with everything you need to set up an engaging display, including some RSPB branded clothing.

From there it's up to you! You'll be motivated, enthusiastic and resilient. You will need boundless energy and unfailing positivity. You'll know that every 'no' brings you closer to a 'yes' and every 'yes' is a new voice for nature and a reflection on what a great job you are doing.

You can choose to work a three, four or five day-a-week contract, and we will do our best to fit your shifts around your personal circumstances. You'll receive a guaranteed basic salary, uncapped and market leading commission, paid holiday and, after a qualifying period, occupational sick pay and a pension (which the RSPB will contribute to).

In addition, you will know that you are part of something that inspires and motivates people to change the world; you will be stepping up for nature.

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