We're saving special places

Wildlife is being squeezed into ever smaller spaces as man's use of the landscape for agriculture, forestry and urban development eats into more and more of what's left of our pristine and natural habitats.

Along with other environmental groups, we have fought for many years to ensure habitats that support rare and vulnerable wildlife are protected from the worst impacts of human development.

By identifying the best places for wildlife, then ensuring they are properly protected and managed, we make sure our special places have a future.

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Why are we involved?

Just as you would expect our great national cathedrals and monuments to be protected for the future, so, too, should our remaining natural places be looked after.

And that's where we come in - making sure these remaining precious treasures of our natural heritage get the proper protection they deserve.

The following bullets give you an idea of the role we play in protecting and managing them. We:

  • carry out surveys to identify areas of land which should be protected, and publish our results to give decision-makers access to the best information possible
  • campaign for strong laws that protect important wildlife sites
  • speak to Government to ensure planning policies and associated guidance promote the conservation of important sites
  • influence strategic plans and oppose damaging schemes to ensure development proposals do not harm important wildlife sites
  • give advice to our supporters so that they can get involved and give nature a voice.

With areas for wildlife becoming increasingly small and fragmented all over the world, these pages show you how we are securing our natural environment for future generations to enjoy.

Highlights of our work

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