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Government action now

In 2010, it was the International Year of Biodiversity. But we failed to meet the target of halting biodiversity loss. Despite many successes, especially through nature reserves and species recovery projects, it is clear that our current tools are not sufficient to conserve nature into the future. We need to add conservation at a landscape scale.

Our Futurescapes project sets out an ambitious programme of action but it will not be enough on its own. We need others across the UK to make this approach successful. Until recently, landscape-scale conservation has been constrained by a lack of funding and insufficient support from policy makers.

However, this has now improved in England with the publication of the Natural England White Paper. We'll be watching closely to see how this develops.

The new target to halt biodiversity loss is now 2020, so landscape-scale conservation has to happen fast. It will make a vital contribution to our collective attempt to meet the 2020 target.

Now is the time to turn the ambition into reality and work together to protect the natural resources of the UK and its wildlife.

Our calls to government

We are calling for the following government commitments to enable wildlife to flourish across the UK:

  • fully meet all statutory responsibilities in relation to the environment, especially those pertaining to species and habitats
  • recognise the importance of the landscape-scale approach to nature conservation and how it builds on the success of the trusted approaches of protected areas and species conservation
  • take the lead in ensuring that landscape-scale conservation is added to the delivery options for nature
  • ensure that appropriate policy frameworks are in place to facilitate the landscape-scale approach
  • introduce innovative mechanisms for funding landscape-scale conservation and ensure that public spending does not have an adverse affect on the natural resource base
  • undertake government-led pilot projects to test the landscape-scale approach. Government agencies should be at the forefront of piloting this approach so that they can not only share lessons learned with other stakeholders, but they can also incorporate lessons learned into policy making.

Find out more about our specific calls to the devolved UK Governments on our Step Up For Nature pages.

Futurescapes is funded by the EU-Life Nature programme. LIFE is the EU’s financial instrument supporting environmental and nature conservation projects throughout the EU. Since 1992, LIFE has co-financed nearly 4,000 projects, contributing approximately €2.8 billion to the protection of the environment.