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Our partnership with BirdLife International

Three Rhinoceros hornbills sitting in a tree

Image: Tim Laman

We carry out all our international work as part of the BirdLife International partnership.

Who are BirdLife International?

BirdLife International is a global partnership of national conservation organisations that share common objectives and work together in advocating and carrying out priority conservation actions.

BirdLife is the leading authority on the status of the world’s birds and issues and problems affecting them. The RSPB is the UK Partner of BirdLife International and supports both the BirdLife Secretariat, which co-ordinates the work of the partnership, and individual partner organisations around the world.

Working within BirdLife is fundamental to our international strategy and our contribution is important to the success of the BirdLife partnership.

Strongly committed

As well as being the UK partner, we are also the largest organisation within the partnership. We are strongly committed to the principle of mutual assistance and co-operation that underpins BirdLife and we work with, and in support of, local partners in all our international efforts.

We support BirdLife partners with regular, predictable financial contributions, complemented by expert advice and technical assistance. We seek to help partners to undertake conservation work and grow to become stronger, fully independent organisations.

We cannot work everywhere and therefore focus our efforts on working with Partners in Europe, Africa, Asia and the UK Overseas Territories, supporting them to take practical conservation action, public awareness, education and advocacy.